Manifattura del Gusto is a union between two distant concepts, but deeply attached to each other: the artifact and taste. The article is the work done by hand, by which a raw material is transformed into an object of consumption, it applied to a feeling of inner satisfaction which is the taste, sublime sense of our palate. The extreme attention to detail and the choice of the most selected, genuine and natural raw materials enable us to make unique and excellent every event.


It is no coincidence that around well-laid tables ending business, we celebrate events, accompany the milestones in everyone's life. The passion that motivates us in making every single dish, enhanced by the creative touch that distinguishes us, led us to create real works of culinary art that remain etched in the mind, the soul, in the palate. Menu in tune with the area and the season, secret recipes by ingredients and always original, elegance and good taste in the presentation of each dish, impeccable service and style.

Creativity, innovation, high quality. Today, the food has become undisputed leader both in the world of art and design. Davide Belfiore enriches this concept creating works of "Food Art and Design" innovative flavor, the result of experimentation and design of the same, a "Manufacturing" style where the food is offered up to a sensory journey with many facets, from the management of the same relating to consumer mode. With determination and pragmatism he has been able to distinguish itself successfully as a restaurant manager. expert in marketing and organization of events, with enthusiasm, authenticity and innovative spirit has chosen to enter the world of catering. It began cultivating the dream of making an important contribution in the complex and fascinating field of communication, using their interpersonal skills, organizational and leadership. In a few years it is so stated in the management, nell'eventistica and management of start-ups and food & beverage activities, gaining an experience that they can ensure professionalism of the highest quality.


Born March 2, 1983, grows with a passion and a dream, cycling ... activities that not only considers a simple sport, but from his point of view a school of life, a means that can help an early age to understand how the complex world of work, but also life. With a more moral and ethical cut, the sport can teach those who practice the ideals simple, yet essential and important, such as: sacrifice, humility, fairness among people, dedication to what you chose, but also know how to put in play, the courage, to get to fulfill the purpose self appointed, useful skills in hard times like those we are experiencing today in the world of work. For this to work combines an important way of life, a passion for the resistance led him to become IRONMAN with a motto: